Sunday, March 21, 2010

And so begins my life as an official Blogger

Well first off I want to say "Hello" and "Thank You" to anyone who is choosing to read this blog. So often in life we get told, "Oh you have to see" or "Oh you gotta read this that or the other." And really who has the time??? I mean I am a single person, with two dogs and a full time job. You'd think that would give me plenty in the way of free time. Oh but you'd be wrong. Once you go through the basics: sleep, get up, put the dogs out, eat, feed the dogs, get dressed, work, come home, put the dogs out, feed all of us, return calls, watch favorite shows, check facebook...well where did all that time go? I am a whopping 6 books behind. An all time high for me. And don't even get me started on movies!! Ah but has been an amazing development. Now I can catch up with episodes of "The Office" and for this I am much happier.

So here's my deal. I am writing this for myself for fun. If an audience was required, I'd say so. It's not. I have fun writing. I'm hoping you all will have fun reading. So if you're not having fun, don't read along. Simple as that. But if you are having fun, say so!! Comment, share with your friends and the like.

I have been a professional journalist in my past, so in theory I should be able to string a few sentences together. However, we all have bad days, rough moments and just out of whack spells. So please bear with me if finding my "blog legs" might take a bit of time.

I thought it best to start with the past and move forward to the present and future. So as such I am going to (try) to harvest a few older "blog-like" works and re-post them here with a bit of explanation paragraph so you're not totally in the dark.

So there it is. Writing for fun. Reading for fun and hopefully a lot of amusing/poignant/odd and of course optimistic tales await. I may write a lot. I may write a little. Read at your own pace and desire. But always do it because you want to. There aren't any grades here, but watch out for those random pop quizzes! :-)

All my best,


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