Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Too much to do, too little time to blog effectively

So I am typing this brief note from the comfort of my bed, replete with microfleece sheets, a heating pad, pj's and of course, doggies. :-)

Today's blog has been bumped. "Why?" you may ask. Because I am beat, stressed out and must care for myself a smidgen before a busier day arrives tomorrow.

I promise to return tomorrow, most likely with a thrilling tale of either 1.) Great foxhunting in the last days of our stellar season or 2.) miscellaneous adventures of life at the barn while preparing 4 horses to go foxhunting, oh and 3 are grey!!

So you all have my very heartfelt thanks as I call an audible and go to sleep. Hug your family, pets and all. Pray for good sport for us tomorrow. Bodie and I will be out and about, you can't miss us: one girl with freckles and a big smile sitting on an 18 hand dapple grey Irish horse. I swear we could be a tourism poster for the Emerald Isle!! Night!!


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